Why TreeTop School?

As our name suggests 'Tree top' means the apex. We want every child to reach the height of success!

We believe that, in the primitive age the kids are like seeds. They grow the way, we nurture them. Their young minds absorb everything around them readily. Hence, to make sure they learn and experience all the positive and good information; We stand right here!
As they grow they should still be firmly rooted down to culture and traditions. Nothing can explain this better than the Nature-the Tree!

Why Choose Us

Being the first educators of your Kids, we ensure the best Academic excellence.
We inculcate morals and etiquettes which will shape your child's character!
Along with Education, we take care of kids' Motor skills through engaging games and sports which make them active.
We make sure the kids have an all-round progress through various co-curricular activities which enhance their skills.

Our TreeTop Team

Our Principal , Vice-Principal , Teachers, Assisstant Teachers and helpers stand together strong to cater all the basic needs
and facilities, along with a friendly and lively atmosphere!

Words by Our Principal

Sayali Hanamghar
(Principal and Founder - TreeTop Preschool)

Qualification: BE Computer
After completing my engineering, I later started working as a Professor in a College.
But I could easily connect more with the toddlers due to the immense love for them.Instead of continuing with college,
I chose to start my own Preschool after
completing my Montesorri Teacher Training Course!

Being the Principal of the school, I believe that the teachers who aspire to teach children should be
comprehensively trained in all aspects and developments in Early Childhood Education.

Words by Our Vice-Principal

Sonali Rathi
(Vice Principal - TreeTop Preschool)

Qualification: Education in MCom and TCC course
I was very creative and artistic since childhood and was always fond of teaching art and craft.
After completing the specialization in Art and Craft, I started working in the school.
Who would better respond to art and craft better than the toddlers? Small kids grasp very quickly as all of them
have artistic skills right from their birth. We are here just to shape and give them a path.

I am a part of TreeTop School since 2018 and very grateful to the caring and supportive Principal Ma'am.